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Sub Sewage

ANS series of Heavy duty Non Clog Sewage Submersible pumps

ANS pumps are specifically designed (as an upgrade over the 1st generation of submersible non clog pumps) to withstand the harsh operating conditions (encountered in sewage pumping) in developing countries.

Unique Advantages of Aqua’s ANS
• Best long term maintenance free track record in India
• VFD compliant Inverter duty motors
• Tolerates wide Electrical supply fluctuations
• Zero Routine maintenance requirement
• Pumps factory tested on Full Scale Test Bed equipped with VFD up to 1180kW
• Wide range of Hydraulic designs allow Clog-less handling of sewage at optimal efficiency
• High pump efficiency is sustainable over longer periods due to Smart Set hydraulics

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Submerged Centrifugal pump sets

Combines the Robustness of Centrifugal pumps, Efficiency of VT, Reliability of Induction Motors in a Submergible enclosure

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Submerged Turbine pump sets

Combines the Robustness of Centrifugal pumps, Efficiency of VT, Reliability of Induction Motors in a Submergible enclosure

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ARFP Dry Installed, Raw Water Flood Proof Centrifugal pumps
ANFP Dry Installed, Nonclog Flood Proof Centrifugal pumps

ater Handling Pumps that are User Friendly (like Submersible pumps) YET Energy Efficient & Reliable (like Centrifugal Pumps + Induction Motors) Hybrid, Submerged / Dry Installed Pump sets based on the Proven Technologies of Centrifugal pumps, Vertical Turbines & Induction Motors .

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Aqua Dredging Submersible Pump sets

ADS — Aqua Dredging Submersible pump sets
Reliable & Economic Import Substitution pumps for Dredging, Sludge & Slurry

: Rugged, non clog submersible pump set with integral Agitator for Hydraulic Dredging
: Extremely high silt content ( above 2,50,000ppm) as found on bottom of drainage pits
: It dredges out the silt from bottom of Drainage pits & hence avoids its volumetric capacity reduction

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Heavy Duty Submersible & Amphibious Pumps specially designed for Hydro Electric Power Stations

Aqua is India’s pioneering manufacturer of hermetically sealed (air filled) submersible motor pumps & has successfully substituted (& in some case, bettered the performances of ) many imported pumps. The “HE” (Hydro Electric) series of submersible & amphibious pumps are specially designed (using proven Aqua models as basis) to perform reliably under the arduous conditions prevalent at Indian Hydro Electric Power Stations (HEP’s ); they :

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Portable Submersible Nonclog Manhole Pump sets

Compact, Rugged & Reliable pumps for Cleaning of Sewer Manhole Frequent clogging of the sewer systems due to sedimentation of mud, sludge, rags, plastics, cotton waste, etc. and the consequent flooding of the public roads/public places is a perennial problem. Periodic cleaning of the sewers is essential -In absence of a better alternative; traditionally this is done by :
• firstly dewatering the sewer ( via means of Conventional Suction lift ” Mud ” pumps which cannot lift blockage causing solids) & then
• workers enter the sewer through manholes to clean up the sedimentation – this is risky as extremely fatal toxic gases ( methane, etc ), biological wastes, etc. lead to infections & even deaths!

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Aqua Mines Submersible pump sets


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Submerged Tubular Column Pumpsets
(ACP, ACM & ACN series )

combines high efficiency of Bowl type VT, Non Clogging, characteristics of NC Sewage pumpsets with ease of O N M of Submersible pumpsets.

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"Scavenger" Portable Submersible Non Clog pumps

Reliable, Versatile & Rugged pumping of polluted liquids in Real Life Indian conditions

• Unique Portable Stand allows Vertical or Horizontal installation
• Rugged Cast Iron Construction withstands harsh handling
• Rugged & Wear Resistant Stainless Steel Impeller
• Inbuilt Motor Thermal Overload Protection
• Wear resistant Mechanical Sealing
• Zero Maintenance !
• Higher Motor Reserve Margins to suit Indian Ambient conditions
• DN 50, High Head version (Solid Handling Ability up to 42mm)
• DN 80, High Flow version (Solid Handling ability up to 65mm)
• 2P, Dry Motor, IP 68 Enclosure, Class “F” insulation

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Heavy Duty, Abrasion Resistant, Submersible Slurry Pumps (ASS Series)
Specially designed for Mining, Steel, Power, Quarry & other Sectors
Pumping slurries:
In many Industries like Mining, Steel Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Quarries etc. removal of abrasive slurry is very challenging task.
Pump parts wear-out very fast & repair costs as well as down-time are very high.
Aqua has developed heavy duty, reliable & cost effective import substitution in the form of Submersible Slurry Pumps (ASS Series) for the broad spectrum of the following Industrial duties.

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